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What is Scheduling Mastery?

Course Overview: It’s an advanced look at the scheduler and how to manage a productive and efficient schedule. The mastery program is included with the client’s monthly subscription and is designed to provide a deeper dive into the role and function of the scheduler. Mastery consists of approximately 5-6 hours of scheduling video training + chapter quizzes and homework activities to support the program. Mastery can be assigned to the scheduler in the office and the scheduler’s back up to ensure continuity throughout the front office and team.

Expectations: Each chapter of scheduling mastery training course includes a downloadable homework packet to accompany the course content.

Chapter 1 Homework
Attitude, role, and daily duties

Chapter 2 Homework:
Appointment Types

Chapter 3 Homework:
Goal Forecasting

Chapter 4 Homework:
Running The Schedule

Chapter 1

You’re the scheduler in your office. Now what? Chapter one takes you further than just knowing what a schedule is and into its importance in your office, what a good versus bad schedule looks like and how your attitude and duties have a direct impact on the success of your schedule.

Chapter 2

This chapter focuses on the types of appointments you’ll see each day in your office and the importance of each. Now, you can differentiate between procedure categories, doctor, hygiene appointments, new patient and emergency appointments and how to best apply each type of appointment to the create the most production each day.

Chapter 3

It’s all about the goals in chapter three. Taking what you’ve learned so far, learn here how to set goals and guild you own schedule template.

Chapter 4

This final chapter looks closely a various type of schedules and building a productive schedule by eliminating gaps and running an effective time study to ensure accurate schedule time.

Scheduling Mastery Resources

Don’t forget as you navigate through the mastery course, we have an entire document library and webinar recordings to help your team navigate the dental office schedule.