Question: Should I sign up with every PPO plan, a few PPO plans or no PPO plan?

ANSWER: Deciding on which, if any PPO plans your office should sign up with depends on many factors, such as your demographic, competition, age of your practice, the economy of where you are located and so much more.[mepr-show if=”loggedout”]Members only resources[/mepr-show] [mepr-active memberships=”629,630,37388,37393,37672,37676,37670,37668,37674,37676,44674,232156″ ifallowed=”show” unauth=”message” unauth_message=”Answer hidden, please login or purchase a membership to view.”] There is not one right answer to this question, as it varies from office to office. It is important, however that you get help when making this big decision which could haunt you for a very long time. Work with a company that can help you evaluate all these things and guide you to making the smartest decision.[/mepr-active]

To learn more about handling PPO plans in your dental practice, watch this training video and following course module! [wpcourse course=”1″ module=”4″ module_desc=”true” /]