Front Office Rocks is the leader in online virtual training for dental teams, don’t take our word for it. Hear what other’s think of our training.

From Office Managers to Dentists and Dental Teams, our clients are reducing cancellations and no-shows, and growing the amount of new patients coming into their practice.

In a span of 4 months, my practice has increased by almost 30% and learned how to have a better business model.

Robert Lozano

DDS , RB Dental Excellence

Look what our awesome clients and seminar attendees are saying about their Front Office Rocks experience.
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“Prior to Laura, we had about 50-60% case acceptance. From just from implementing some simple steps, we are up to 85-90% treatment plan acceptance.”

Celeste Samoles

Office Manager

“Not only is she enthusiastic, but she knows what she is talking about.”

Patty Meraz

Office Manager

“We love it! It has helped our office quite a bit!”

Patty Meraz

Front Office

“As an Office Manager, I love Front Office Rocks because I can train my staff at their leisure and I don’t have to sit there and train them myself.  I recommend all offices use it.”

Brandie Henderson

Office Manager

“Laura has given me a new perspective of how to work my job at the front office…. that has actually worked and has made my job easier and I like going to work again.”

Natalie Gomez

Office Manager

“Simple, fundamental learning experience teaching the ABC’s of everything you need to know at the front office.”

Tom Slezak

“It’s been awesome, I really recommend it to anyone.”

Emilie Jacquel

“I am very lucky to have Laura in my office, as you will be too.”

Anthony Hatch


“I just enjoy Front Office Rocks”

Widney Hawthorne

“I love going to their office and watching the impact that they do for dentistry and for the people they effect. It’s amazing to watch.”

Jason Barker

“This has been great for the team, the doctors, the office managers and if you are looking for ways to add some spark and some direction to your practice, I’d definitely recommend reach out to Laura to see how she can help your practice like she has helped so many others.”

Sean Sullivan

“Laura, hands down, is one of the spunkiest, most interactive individuals I’ve ever heard speak. She keeps the audience fully involved and has a lot of good advice to give them from start to finish.”

Melissa Disher

“What Laura does will really elevate the practice and make the front office really, truly rock!”

Dr. Amy Heim

“Laura has helped me hire new staff and run my office more efficiently.”

Dr. Christopher Maulik


“In a span of 4 months, my practice has increased by almost 30%”

Robert Lozano


“Laura is awesome. you will learn a lot of very useful information in a very entertaining way.”

Megan Clark


“I can take a very green individual and put them in front of these videos and they can go out and do what they learn. The videos are simple and they give great demonstrations.”

Garland Davis


“When I leave her lectures I feel motivated and more excited to do dentistry”

Margaret Meadow


“It has been so impactful on my practice, and the one day training really brings it all together”

Dr. ST Matthew-Daniel


“It’s great for training new staff on how to answer the phones, collect payment and handle the schedule to get patients in at a time that is most convenient for you.”

Tina Beck


“It is easy to implement, I highly recommend it!”

Joanna Cobbs