Total Team Training


Think patients choose you because of your clinical excellence and 3D printers? Think again. Patients choose to do business with companies based on the results and how the experience made them feel. 

If you want to build a multimillion-dollar practice where patients stay and refer their friends and family – you need a rockstar team. 

“It’s not just about your dentist’s capability and skill, it’s about people; relating to our patients as people first, great service, and promoting their health.” – Laura Nelson 

The Secret To Practice Success…


You cannot succeed if YOU are wearing all the hats and are the only person who knows how to run the business side of your practice. A well-run efficient dental practice requires the right people working together and following a series of practice-tested efficient systems to serve your patients. Hiring and training the right people, and empowering them to be leaders in your practice is the key to success. We’ll help you build a culture where employees want to stay and build careers. 

Training Includes:


Foundations Training

☑ Recare, Reactivate, & Retain ☑ Communication & Customer Service
☑ Answering Phones ☑ Positive Office Culture
☑ Doctor & Office Manager Training ☑ Presentation & Case Acceptance
☑ Insurance & Patient Financials ☑ Scheduling Basics
☑ Team’s Impact on the Schedule ☑ Hiring & Employee Management
☑ Practice Management Software  

Exclusive Tracks for Total Teams

☑ Dental Hygienst Patient Skills ☑ Basic Back Office Track
☑ Dental Assistant Development ☑ Hygiene Communication
☑ Teamworks Training  


Live Coaching

☑ Weekly Group Coaching with Trainers ☑ Weekly insights from our coaches
☑ Onboarding Coaching call ☑ Monthly custom coaching call focused on your goals

Meet Your Instructors:


Total Team Training

What’s Included: 

Our Fundamental Basics DIY Modules
Document Resource Library
Exclusive Back Office Training Modules
Weekly LIVE members-only group coaching session
Kickstart Discovery Call with our Implementation Coach
Custom training plan
Weekly check-in email with additional resources and guidance
Monthly private coaching calls

$2,100 Value  for only $549 per month for your ENTIRE team.


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