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Implementation Manual

Congratulations and welcome to Front Office Rocks! We are excited to work with you to help you grow and train your team!

While the focus of integrating our Front Office Rocks training program is on growth and creating the ultimate customer service culture within your practice, it is important to be aware that success is contingent on implementation. We have written these implementation guidelines to help you reach your practice’s potential.

We recommend that you sit down with your team and let them know you are investing your time and financial resources into this program, not just to benefit the practice but to help each of them reach their own highest potential in their jobs.  The program is designed to help get your team on the same page by offering congruent training across the practice.

At the end of the manual, you will find useful tips and integration suggestions to help you successfully integrate our entire suite of training videos into your practice.

Getting Started

We have written these implementation guidelines to help you reach your practice’s potential and maximize your training investment.


The front office receptionist is the face and voice of the practice and is often the first and last point of contact with patients.


Dental office scheduling includes more than understanding how to schedule a patient. The team relies on a full and accurate schedule every day.

Treatment Coordinator

This is a high profile position and serves as the liaison between the dentist and the patient. This role must understand the treatment itself and why it is needed.

Financial Coordinator

The financial aspect of the practice not only includes interaction with insurance companies, but the patients themselves. This role ensures the office is paid.

Office Manager

This role is an extension of the doctor and oversees patient flow and the daily operations of the practice. The right person in this position is vital to a well-run office.