Dental Assistant

Implementation Manual and Resources

The Dental Assistant

The dental assistant’s role serves as the perfect transition from the front office to the back. Not only do assistants retrieve and remain with patients from the beginning to the end of procedural appointments, they also serve multiple roles in support of the doctors, and maintain cleanliness and order in the operatories and lab areas. These videos will provide insight into common roadblocks in the dental assistant role, and demonstrate learning opportunities that will improve both the customer service delivered to the client as well as the assistance provided to the doctor and back office staff.

EXTRA: The nature of our business requires us to introduce temporary assistants every now and then, and our goal is to bring them up to speed as effectively and efficiently as possible so that they can easily acclimate to the culture and work-ethic that exists in your practice. We have designed a special, one-hour, webinar for new assistants to make this process as streamlined as possible.