Getting Started

Back Office Rocks Implementation Manual and Resources

Welcome to our new program, Back Office Rocks!

We are excited to work with you to help you grow and train your Back Office team using the same strategies pioneered in the training of front office team members! Back Office Rocks aims to align the customer service culture between the front and back office teams, but also to improve the teamwork and preparation needed to work as a cohesive and efficient back office unit.

While the focus of integrating our Back Office Rocks training program is on growth and creating the ultimate customer service culture within your practice, it is important to be aware that success is contingent on implementation. We have written these implementation guidelines to help you reach your practice’s potential.

We recommend that you sit down with your team and let them know you are investing your time and financial resources into this program, not just to benefit the practice but to help each of them reach their own highest potential in their jobs. The program is designed to help get your team on the same page by offering congruent training across the practice.

At the end of the manual, you will find useful tips and integration suggestions to help you successfully integrate our entire suite of training videos into your practice.

A. Identify and Assign Training Modules

Guided by the training modules, areas that are missing or that need to be integrated, expanded, or enhanced may now be identified. Each module has a specific purpose and it is useful to review current best practices to gain insight into the potential growth of the practice and review outcomes and implementation strategies.

Because Back Office Rocks deals with positions that center around clinical work, it should be easy to identify which programs will work best for each team member. Once you have identified who may benefit from training and where to begin, the office program manager or doctor, can assign additional areas of study to ensure continuity of training and completion of the entire module for that position.

B. Incorporate the Training

There are over 30 on-demand videos available in multiple categories. The training is ready when you and your staff are. Each video is ranges from five to twelve minutes long and can be viewed on a desktop, laptop, phone or any handheld device. Each video is followed by a ten-question quiz to reinforce and ensure comprehension of the material. You can set up notifications which will alert you when an employee has completed a video and its subsequent quiz, including their score. Notifications allow you to see how your staff is progressing through their assigned training.

The time commitment varies and is up to each office. Many offices will have employees watch videos individually and then re-watch a series as a group during a team or staff meeting, morning huddle or when it fits best. By watching a video or video series together, your staff can discuss how they can best customize and implement the information learned into their practice. We highly recommend role playing as it assists in honing in on the essential customer service skills necessary to create the ultimate customer service culture in your practice.


C. Recommended Order of Training Modules

During your implementation, we suggest following the course material in an order that makes the most sense for each position in your office. The individual sections will walk you through a brief description of each course within a role, followed by an organizational chart that outlines all the videos contained within each category. We will begin with Team, Assistant, followed by Hygiene and Doctor.

As important as job-specific training is, remember that cross-training creates a collaborative environment where staff members respect each other’s role and workload. We suggest using cross-training as ongoing tool in your office to introduce employees to other areas of their own job, as well as functions in the office that are closely related to their own.

D. Additional Resources and Support

Now that you have invested in a training program to create the ultimate back office experience, it is important that you use it frequently, refer to it often and create a culture of continuous education in your office. You’ll also find an important feature on the website called “Ask Laura.” You can search previously asked questions to see Laura’s response quick answers or click the Ask Laura button and ask your specific question right through our site. Your questions are routed directly to Laura and our team. You can expect a detailed response to your question within about 48 hours. If you still have a topic that you need more information about, we encourage you to use the Search function from our home page. Type a few words pertaining to the topic you are interested in and the results page will include everything we have from videos, documents, webinars, articles, blog entries and even past podcasts.

Training opportunities can be a challenge for many practices because of conflicting priorities, financial resources and time. It’s very easy to become immersed in our day-to-day activities while allowing our training to take a backseat. In the end, this is the best argument for regular and scheduled training. If you transform your staff, you transform your practice and the service you provide to your patients. Whether you are a practice owner, or a manager, and you want your practice to stand out, invest in your most valuable asset with staff training and skills development. It might just be the best investment you will ever make.

Let’s begin.