Implementation Manual and Resources
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Reception Organization and Management

During this course, you will learn the purpose of your role and how to present yourself and represent the front desk in the most effective way.  

Dental front office training is the most useful tool in your training because our on-demand videos will walk you through each phase of your position, including handling walk-in patients, salespeople and privacy laws (HIPAA).  

A dental office is a busy place and you will experience phones ringing, anyone walking in the door at any time, and a variety of issues that will evolve from day to day.  This course will prepare you to handle, with professionalism and ease, whatever comes your way.

Front Office Rocks recommends that you complete the Purpose of the Receptionist and Exceptional Service and Etiquette training videos first, followed by Introduction to HIPAA, Handling Walk-In Patients and Handling Walk-In Salespeople.  

By the conclusion of this category, you will feel ready to tackle anything that that happens at your front desk.

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Telephone Skills and Etiquette

During this course, you will learn professional techniques for managing the front desk phone and phone calls.  This phase of your online dental receptionist training will take you through required telephone skills and various types of patient calls, including patients asking for x-rays and dental emergencies.  

The phone at the front desk is the dental office’s life line.  This course will prepare you to handle, with expertise and efficiency, whatever calls come in to your office daily.

Front Office Rocks recommends that you complete the Phone Training, How to Take a Good Message and Excellent Telephone Skills training videos first to establish a solid foundation in your telephone training.  Next, follow with Lunches and Phone Coverage, Dental Emergencies, and Patients Asking for X-Rays to learn how to handle various call situations.  

When you have completed this category, you will feel confident and ready to answer your patient calls.

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Customer Service

This is the third of the six courses in your dental front office training series for the role Receptionist.  This course focuses on your customer service skills in seven key areas of communication at the front desk.  

Effective communication is vital to your success in customer service and managing the day-to-day patient operations in your office.  The videos in this series focus on the details surrounding a patient visit, such as waiting, late or disgruntled patients, as well as handing off patients and asking for referrals.

Front Office Rocks recommends that you complete the Conversations with Patients, Waiting, and Handling Late Patients videos first to familiarize yourself with best known methods of patient communication and customer service.  Next, you can move on to How to Handle a Disgruntled Patient, How to Hand Off Clients, and Effectively Handling the Check Out Process to increase your proficiency in the more specific situations that you may encounter.  Finally, complete Asking for Referrals to get acquainted with the skills needed to help the practice grow.

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New Patient Calls

During this course, you will develop your telephone skills to include techniques for answering various types of new patient calls.  New patient calls have an entire series dedicated to them because of the impact they have on the growth of your office.  

This portion of your dental front office training will navigate through five types of new patient calls and how to handle each.  Remember, the phone is the lifeline to the dental office and how it is handled is a direct reflection on not only the new patient’s first impression of the office but also the growth of your new patient numbers. This course will prepare you to answer each new patient call with confidence and ease and convert those new patient calls to scheduled patients.

Front Office Rocks recommends that you complete Answering New Patient Calls, Getting New Patients Scheduled in 48 Hours and New Patient Interview first.  Then, complete Answering PPO Questions and Second Opinion and Shoppers to learn how to address those very specific call types.  

At the conclusion of this series, you will be prepared to answer any new patient question that comes your way.

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New Patient Appointments

During this course, you will take your proficiency in patient handling directly to the actual new patient appointment.  

As this is the first in-person glimpse the patient has into your day to day operations and how your office functions as a team, new patient appointments are your opportunity to represent the practice with professionalism and competency.  The interaction you have with a new patient will determine whether the patient returns.  

This portion of your dental receptionist virtual training will direct you through the steps of a new patient appointment and how to approach each successfully.  

Front Office Rocks recommends that you complete Make a Good First Impression and New Patient Visit first.  Then, follow with Entering New Patient Information, New Patient Information – How to be Efficient and Picking the Right Insurance for a New Patient to acquire the skills that ensure your new patient has been entered into your system accurately.  

After completion of this series, your office will be prepared to best serve the needs of your new patient.

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Introduction to Dental

During this course, you will be introduced to the most efficient way to communicate with others in your office, as well as various dental terms, procedures and treatments.  

This is the final series in your dental receptionist online training and will conclude with a conversation among several experienced office team members who provide their insight into how to be a success in your new role.  Whether you are new to dentistry or bring years of experience to your position, it is valuable to spend time reviewing key functions in your role.  

Front Office Rocks recommends that you complete The Right Amount of Communication and Diagnostic / Preventative first.  Then, follow with Restorative, Missing Teeth and Perio-Gum Disease to expand your knowledge of frequently used terms and treatments in many dental offices.  Finally, finish the series with Tips for New Employees to hear what actual dental office staff say are the most important attributes of any new team member.