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What we do - Online training

Tired of cancellations and no shows? Having trouble with case acceptance?

We focus on communication to increase practice revenue through proven systems. We start with changing the way it’s always been done – to what’s efficient and results in the best care for our patients and practice profitability.

20,000+ Staff Trained

Since 2013, we have trained and empowered teams based on real experience via our online training membership platform. If you plan on being profitable, then you must provide your staff with the resources and tools to help them excel.


Your Mission

Understand your Front Desk…

It’s a team of people, not furniture, and often the first and last point of contact for patients. They need continual, consistent training as much as the clinical team needs CE. If you want to reduce stress in your dental practice and stop losing patients then the goal should be to create effective systems that incorporate your entire team.

What dental positions do we train and what is included

The front office is the face of your practice and often the first person a patient interacts with. If you want to keep the schedule full and improve patient recall, it starts with training your front office team. 

Receptionist Training | Insurance Coordinator | Scheduling Coordinator | Treatment Coordinator

While excellent clinical skills are a necessary requirement to advance to the next level, communication with your patients is a vital component. Our back office training is designed to help Dental Assistants, Hygienists, and Doctors communicate with the Front Office and patients. 

Dental Assistants | Hygienist | Doctor Customer Service 

The role of a dental office manager can change from day to day, the demands, the expectations and even the schedule. Don’t worry – the office manager course is there for you each step of the way and your day! Turn here to learn how to manage the staff, office and even the patients in the office. 

Office Manager Resources & Training 

In order to offer the best customer service to your patients, it starts with building a team that rocks! Our dental team training course is designed to help establish strong communication among your team and squash drama and bullying. A team that works together effectively and efficiently is better able to focus on patients and offer the best experience in your office.

Team Training 

First – we don’t believe in scripts, we believe in understanding “why” so you can respond appropriately. But if you ever wished there was a manual you could hand to your dental team during their training with all the forms they need to execute their role efficiently? We have you covered! You will find a full document library just for dental teams with a focus on position specific checklists, templates, and suggested verbiage.

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From Our Founder

I witnessed first-hand what was missing from the front office of dental practices – training. After twelve years as an office manager and two fee-for-service scratch dental practices, I wanted to bring resources to dental practices. Front Office Rocks offers first-hand knowledge and expertise designed to help improve all the day-to-day operations and create the ultimate customer service culture within your practice.

– Laura Nelson



What Dentists are Saying

“I cannot say enough about Front Office Rocks! I have been an OM and a COO of dental offices and this is such a fabulous help to get your team on track! No matter the size of your practice. It’s the best investment we have ever made.”

Nina Harris

“…I feel that any dentist should do the entire course she offers because it allows us to understand our staff positions and identify what is happening in these areas. Thank you Laura for making my practice profitable and WAY LESS STRESSFUL! I enjoy coming into the office once again”

Kevin Hintz

“…I have used it when hiring new employees and when I felt like we needed to brush up on a particular skill. The content is well done and very helpful to train new employees and existing employees that need a boost. I think it would be invaluable for a new dentist, or an office committed to continued improvement…”

Jonathan Campbell

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