We are wanting to offer some payment plans for our patients....

QUESTION: We are wanting to offer some payment plans for our patients. I am looking more for an agreement that we can have the patient sign. How can we best track these in-house specifically….we are splitting payment up between 2+ payments and we want to have that documented.

ANSWER: During the treatment presentation you can print out the treatment plan and use that for any notes during the conversation.  That includes financial discussions.  If you decide to allow the patient to break up the payments, make note of it on the treatment plan that you have printed out and once the patient has agreed, have them sign the plan.  Then make a copy for them and keep a copy for the chart, and add notes to …

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the patient account. When a patient signs the treatment plan or a payment agreement form, it is confirmation of them understanding what has been explained and an agreement to pay what was discussed.  

Download: Payment Agreement Form 

As far as keeping track of the payments, that is something the dental software can do.  Depending on what type of software you have, there are different methods to set up multiple payments in a patient account. I recommend contacting your dental software support on the specifics on how you are able to do this.

Additionally, please see the example of verbal skills to confirm the patients payment once they are ready to schedule their appointment, whether they are in the consult room or scheduling by phone. It is important to know ahead of time of their appointment on how they would like to handle their payment so they are not surprised when they come in for an appointment. Also, you will have the payment agreement form available to show the patient that they agreed and understood the cost of their treatment plan.

Download: Verbal Skills to Confirm Patient Payment

Download: Sample Letters for Treatment Coordinator- Patient Did Not Schedule
Download: Treatment Plan Follow Up Policy

Make sure to ALWAYS take good notes in the patient’s chart so this way ALL team members are able to answer the question in the same manner, so no patient is upset when receiving different information from each team member.


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