PPE payments have become the latest problem for all Insurance Coordinators in the dental field.

 Many offices have decided to not charge PPE but you now are getting a bulk payment for PPE and you are unsure what to do with it.  What to do with these payments are what becomes difficult.

I must begin by saying I am not an accountant so you may first want to call and check with the accountant if this is a fee you did not charge out.  There may be reasons why it should not go into your software as income.  What I mean by that is,if your office did not charge for PPE but you have gotten a bulk check payment, you may have laws or rules in your state that you have to follow.

If you find out there are no special rules then my suggestion is that you make a “patient” named PPE Payments.  You then need to make a debit in that account for the check before you enter is as a payment so that your accounts balance.  

IE:  Check is for $100.- You put a miscellaneous charge of $100 onto the account.  You then enter the check as a payment.

My second suggestion is that you make a special payment called PPE Check or PPE EFT depending on how the payment is coming into your practice.  This will allow you to run reports at the end of the year to see how much was paid to the office. 


See Example:


Please remember that the key is to be consistent.  Set up a system for how these payments will be accounted for either in your software of tracked for your accountant.