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It’s a live workshop streamed to your office, it’s online training, it’s real coaching and it’s a 100% hands on opportunity for the entire team that will produce results from day one. We’ve created a complete training experience that will not take away from production, but will result in explosive growth.

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Insurance & Patient Accounts

If you are ready for your team to learn how to:

  • Understand insurance “language”
  • Establish consistency when discussing treatment and estimates
  • Differentiate the specifics of insurance plans, coverage, and maximizing it for your practice
  • Increase claim submission efficiency and reduce denials
  • Help patients understand and answer questions regarding balance

Increased Production Starts with the phones

30% of calls to a dental office go unanswered and end up in voicemail. Over 80% of people hang up as soon as they get to the voicemail. If you’re receiving 3 voicemails per day, then you’re missing 15 calls from people looking for your services.

What does this look over the span of a week? Month? Can you afford to lose $10,000 or more from missed calls? No!

All roads lead back to the phones and if this system in your practice is broken, you will constantly be trying to fill a leaking bucket and burn out.

Hiring Starts With Clarity 

Think about house hunting for a moment. Do you just start visiting random houses hoping one will work? No! You build out your list of criteria that your house must have, then features that would be nice to have, and so on. The same process applies here.

Is It Really That Hard to Find Good Employees?

No it’s not as long as you are clear on what classifies a good employee and what you need. We can help you get crystal clear on what your practice needs, help you write an ad, and bridge the gap for any candidates that lack the “experience.”

Create a culture worth building

Even the most experienced and educated employees still require training when they join your company. Maybe they just need to learn about the company culture or review the procedures your office uses. For employees and employers, on-the-job training is the best way to get up and running in the most efficient and effective way possible.

Dental is teachable, but personality is not. 

How would it feel to find the right employee that just fits? What about giving your new employee the confidence to excel in their role?

Case Presentation & Acceptance

Why knowing and understanding your patients improves case acceptance
How to handle patients who say “No!”, overcome objections, and set up a system for follow up

Discover the keys that bring your patients to YES!

Understand where case acceptance actually starts – hint: it’s not in the operatory. What really impacts case acceptance and how to prepare your team before you present the treatment plan.

Internal Marketing & Reactivation

Our patients’ attitudes towards us are based on their entire experience and it affects their overall satisfaction and future decisions about us. Maximize the value of every patient that walks through your door

Learn How to cultivate from your own reserves to reach revenue goals. 

Recognize the “leaking bucket” syndrome at your dental office and how to fix it and why marketing starts with your culture and the team’s attitude. 

Every session is packed with real solutions and a winning blueprint that will improve your productivity and profitablility.