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Welcome to Front Office Rocks

Front Office Rocks offers Dentists and Dental Teams a training resource to help improve day-to-day operations and customer service. The website and training videos are specific to and will educate your front office on all areas to help enhance your staff training, lower your overhead, lower your turnover and ultimately, best of all, quickly help your bottom line.

Some of ways you can utilize this training for your office:

  • New Employee Training – train new employees from their very first day on all aspects of the front desk tasks and duties
  • Staff Enhancement Training and Improvement – utilize specific training for staff to improve customer service, answering phones correctly, and increasing new patients, etc.
  • Routine Office Staff training - Can be used for regular training, for example, to maximize your once a month staff meeting
  • Ensure Training Completion and Comprehension – Each training video ends with a quiz to make sure that employees have taken and comprehend what they watched

The training offered by Front Office Rocks is not just an A-B-C type training. This training is designed to offer solutions and suggestions of how to set your office apart from the rest. It is designed to be entertaining, realistic, and most of all, easy to implement.

This training is to get your entire team “Rocking’ and Rolling’!”
We want to hear your patients say, “Wow that office Rocks!!!”

This training is also offered real-time and on your time! There are very few training resources available and none that are real-time. As you may know, typical courses offered for Dental Front Offices are part of a Dental Assisting School and usually only cover tasks like ‘how to bill insurance companies’, etc. This is a great alternative to online webinars that are only offered on a specific schedule.

The training on this website will be available 24/7, based on your convenience. Front Office Rocks has information that will support your business in ways to move it forward and to make it Rock!


Front Office Rocks is my genie in a bottle.  It provides all the information needed for my four new employees hired all at once to show them how to handle their positions.”
Adriana, Office Manager