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We are leading experts in virtual dental front office training, empowering dental professionals to strive for an impeccable patient experience.

Giving you everything you need to create a customer-first culture

At Front Office Rocks, our mission is to inspire, develop, and support dental professionals to help them fall in love with what they do, while providing the best patient experience.

  • 500+ video lessons and training materials
  • Resource library with customizable documents for everything
  • Training & coaching for your administrative and clinical teams
  • Complete e-learning library to take your team to the next level
  • Hands-on coaching for everything, including communications, scheduling, and hiring
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Meet Laura Nelson


Laura is the founder and driving force behind Front Office Rocks™, and the leading provider of on-demand virtual training and resources for dental practices.

Having worked as a front office manager, Laura witnessed first-hand the shortcomings of dental clinics due to a lack of adequate training. This experience inspired her to go on and study the most effective ways to manage and empower dental team members.

Laura has combined her professional experience and knowledge to create a 24/7 training hub that offers practical steps that dental teams can easily adopt into their day-to-day rhythm.

Her interactive approach to training focuses on empowering staff to provide excellent customer service and patient care.

Since establishing Front Office Rocks, Laura has mentored thousands of dentists and dental team members to achieve unprecedented growth. 

“It’s not just about your dentist’s capability and skill, it’s about people; relating to our patients as people first, providing a great service, and promoting their health.” – Laura Nelson

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