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    Laura is the best! I’ve known her as a Front Office Rocks user, and as a fellow speaker for Practice on Fire. Her presentation was a huge hit with our attendees. They loved her material of course, but more importantly her passion and energy. My team loves using her videos for training, and we are all excited to see what FORx comes up with in the future!

    Michael Ling

    Verified Facebook review

    I have been using FOR for about a month now. It was highly recommended by a colleague and they were right. The system has been allowing me to update my office procedures and protocols and then train my team around them. Things are beginning to “flow” so much better at the office now. Thanks to Laura and her team!

    lan Paisley

    Verified Facebook review

    Amazing training! Would highly recommend her online material or her in-person training. All is a must!

    Cory Pinegar

    Verified Facebook review

    Best training we have ever participated in! Staff loves that they can work on sessions at their own pace. Have used webinars as fodder for many wonderful staff meetings.

    Highly recommend FOR! Virtual training doesn’t get any better than this!!

    Lori Schlosser

    Verified Facebook review

    You guys were amazing!!!! I hired someone who knew absolutely nothing about dentistry, teeth, or insurance and you turned her into a rock-star. She watched your videos diligently, did well on all of the quizzes and re-watched many once she became a little more familiar with the office. I cannot thank you enough and I have already recommended your service to other people.

    Alex Cox

    Verified Facebook review

    Front Office Rocks customer with headphones on pointing to a laptop screen with a Front Office Rocks training

    Helping your team fall back in love with their work

    So much more than office and management training, we give your dental employees the tools to create a nurturing space that makes everyone feel at ease and allows them to learn better.

    Transform your dental practice culture with training membership for the whole office

    As the authority on dental team training, we’ve got the tools to help your dental practice excel. Our membership gives you unlimited access to our expansive bank of video training courses, covering everything from day-to-day tasks, to the bigger issues encountered in running a dental practice.

    Whatever area of your dental practice you’re looking to improve, you’ll find the solution in our course library. We cover topics like:

    • Receptionist and Telephone Skills
    • Treatment and Case Presentation Skills
    • Team Communication and Customer Service
    • Recare, Reactivation and Closing the Back Door
    • Patient Financials and Insurance
    • Productive Scheduling
    • Office Culture and Making It Great
    • Dental Assistant Skill Building
    • Dental Hygienist Skill Building
    • Dentist and Office Manager Skill Building
    • Marketing Your Dental Practice

    Our most popular dental training courses

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    The Front Office Rocks App

    • Convenient access: Our app provides easy and convenient access to all training content, community discussions, and conversations from the convenience of your phone.
    • Enhanced engagement: With our app, you can actively participate in the training community, engage in discussions, and stay up-to-date with the latest content, ensuring a more immersive and engaging learning experience.
    • On-the-go learning: Our app enables you to access training materials and engage with the community anytime, anywhere, allowing you to make the most of your time and learn on-the-go.

    Frequently asked questions

    Thinking about joining our community? Browse our commonly asked membership questions to help you get set up.

      What are the technical requirements for using Front Office Rocks?

      Any recent computer will work just fine. We do recommend a high-speed internet connection, but it is not necessary. Our site also works best in the Google Chrome Browser.

      In addition, you can also download the Front Office Rocks app and watch on your mobile device.

      What are the benefits of Front Office Rocks?

      Our training courses are available to you and your team on-demand, when you want to watch them, and as often as you want to watch them. Our front office training will help your team become ultimate providers of customer service, as well as become more effective and proficient in all aspects of front desk responsibilities. All the training can be done on your time, when it makes sense for you, and conveniently in the comfort of your office.

      We are a non-dental office who wants to utilize your verbiage and customer service training. Do we have to be in a dental practice to order?

      You do not have to be a dental practice to become a member of Front Office Rocks. Although our content is focused on dentistry, as this is Laura’s specialty, our foundation is built on the importance of, and training support for providing exceptional customer service in the dental office, as well as any business.

      How long will I have access to the Front Office Rocks training courses?

      As long as you continue to pay the monthly or yearly fee, the training will be available to you and your employees 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. While your course membership is active you can repeat the lessons and the quizzes as many times as you like!

      How long do we need to sign a contract for?

      We do not have contracts at Front Office Rocks. Your membership is billed monthly at the same time each month until you cancel. You can cancel your membership, retain all of your information and come back when you are ready to train again (cross-training, new employee, anytime) by simply logging back into your account and updating your credit card information.

      Do you provide telephone scripts?

      This is a great question and we answer it often. Laura’s philosophy on scripts is that they just don’t work. Scripts feel, well, scripted, cold and lack any real feeling behind them. Instead, we believe and Laura teaches that exceptional customer service skills, training and role playing are the keys to feeling comfortable on the phone or in person. Your staff shouldn’t need to depend on a script because patient situations are never scripted.

      What you see through Front Office Rocks training is an understanding of how to communicate – when you know what to say – it just comes naturally. We don’t offer scripts, but we do offer lesson documents, policies and other documents to support your office and your training plan.

      Do you have a money back guarantee?

      Yes, we do! If you are not satisfied with your training please contact us within the first 10 days and we’ll refund your purchase price. We want you to be completely satisfied with our services!

      Do I have to be employed in a dental office to join Front Office Rocks?

      You do not need to be presently employed in the dental industry to begin training with Front Office Rocks. When completing the membership sign-up form, any fields relating to office information can simply be left empty.

      Are there any additional or hidden fees?

      There are no additional costs or fees. Your monthly (or yearly) payment is all inclusive. Your employees can watch the videos anytime they want and as much as they want for one fee. There is also no upsell with this service. This is it – one very fair price to help train your staff. This training was designed to be easy to use, effective, efficient and at a cost any doctor could afford.

      Is there a limit to how many videos can be watched in a day?

      There is no limit to how many videos can be watched in a day. Our memberships include unlimited access to our training videos, documents, and resources.

      How long is each video?

      Each training video will vary in time, ranging between 6 to 20 minutes of ‘to the point’ course content. We also offer webinar courses that are generally an hour in length.

      Do you have sample videos available?

      You can view sample videos on our YouTube page. We do not offer a discount to preview. However, there is no monthly contract or hidden fees. If you sign up for a monthly membership and feel it is not suitable to your needs, you may cancel prior to the next billing cycle – no strings attached.

      Do the courses include a quiz or exam?

      Yes, there is a quiz associated with almost every training video. They are designed to test your knowledge of the topic covered in the lesson as well as your retention of the information. You can repeat the quizzes as many times as you like. A score of 80% is required to pass. The quizzes must be taken for your progress to show as completed.

      Can there be more than one account manager login?

      Yes, with our new interface you can assign multiple roles. Below are the differences between the roles. You can have multiple administrators and leaders.

      Primary Administrator: The primary administrator serves as the group’s owner. The Primary Administrator has all the capabilities of an administrator with the added ability to close the group. This role is reserved for the Front Office Rocks Team and our Dental Whale support team.

      Administrator: Group administrators can manage (invite, remove, promote, and demote) all other users in the group except the primary administrator, manage the group’s information and settings, manage the number of seats available to the group, and view group reports.

      Leader: Group leaders can manage (invite and remove) group members (not administrators or other leaders), manage the group’s information and settings, except for the Course or Membership associated with the group, and view group reports.

      Member: Members are granted access to view the group (if it is a closed group) and are conditionally enrolled into the group’s associated content.

      Can I use multiple computers to access the training course?

      Usernames and login information may not be shared and a user may only be logged into one computer at a time. If a user logs into a second location, they will be logged out of the first computer.

      Is the doctor or the office manager the one who manages our account?

      The manager account is the account that signed the office up and will manage the training of the employees (students). It does not have to be any one person in particular within the office; however, the manager account will have access to all of the account information, student set up, and student progress information. You may also refer back to the “Getting Started” video.

      How often do you recommend our staff train with Front Office Rocks?

      It depends on the experience level of the employee. For employees new to a position (or the office itself), we recommend watching all relevant videos and taking the appropriate quizzes ahead of time. For example, before a new employee is permitted to answer the phones, he or she should watch the videos in Receptionist and Telephone Skills and pass the associated quizzes.

      For established employees, we recommend videos and quizzes, as needed, to enhance skills in areas that could use some improvement or as a refresher course and continuing education. One hour per week is all it takes to train and continuously move your practice forward.

      How many employees can be added to my account?

      You can add up to 20 employees as students under your main manager account. In the case that you would like to train more than 20 employees at your office, please contact our team to obtain more information about alternative options. Email your request to [email protected].

      Do you have any suggestions for implementing the training with my team?

      Because our training is available 24/7, 365 days a year, it allows for maximum flexibility within your practice. Whether you decide to block out an hour for each employee once a month, allow your employees to access training remotely from home, or dedicate certain times of the day to training, you have complete ownership of how and when it is implemented.

      Please refer back to the ABCs of Front Office Rocks for ideas about begining your training journey. Or, book a welcome call with our coach, Missy Pollard, to help you devise a plan for training and identifying where to start. You can book a call here.

      How do I attain my CE certificate?

      Once you have completed an entire course visit your CERTIFICATES tab to access all of your generated certificates. Your certificates can be downloaded, printed, or shared.

      How many training documents and policies are available on the site?

      There are new policies and documents being added to the site all the time. Click on the Resource Library page to see a list of what is currently available on this site. Many of our documents are also linked in their respective training modules.

      If I cancel, can I renew my membership at a later time?

      Yes, of course! You are always welcome to renew your training membership. When you decide to return, all you will need to do is log back in (we can create a new password for you if needed) and then resubscribe under “Training“.

      Please note, when you elect to cancel your membership with us or take a break, we do not maintain your account settings, group, or your students. Returning as a customer essentially is a fresh start. If you’d like to restore your group and students, please reach out to our team and we will assist you.

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