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Looking for your next event speaker?

As the leading authority on virtual dental front office training, Laura helps dental professionals who want to be better at what they do gain the training they need through online video courses, live seminars, and coaching.

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Meet Laura Nelson

Laura Nelson is an award-winning, international speaker & the founder of Front Office Rocks™, a virtual training platform for dental teams that teaches office systems and methods to help practices achieve exceptional customer service.

As the Leader in Dental Front Office Solutions and Training, Laura has used her characteristic interactive and innovative approach to mentor thousands of dentists and dental team members — empowering them to excel at performance-based hiring and helping them achieve unprecedented results in growth. 

In addition to being the founder of Front Office Rocks, Laura is also an accomplished recruiting & management coach, renowned keynote speaker, and the best-selling author of “Hiring Without Hesitation: A How-To for Small Business Success,” and “Step Away From the Drill”, a book that aims to help dentists understand and embrace the business side of dentistry. 

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The leader in dental front office solutions and training

Laura is a master in managing and empowering team members. Using her unique style and interactive delivery methods, Laura offers real-world principals and practical ideas that can be implemented easily and immediately into any office.

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Your front office team has the power to make an impactful first impression and your back office team has to live up to that impression throughout the patient experience. Hiring team members with the right skill set and attitude, as well as quality and continual training are key to making sure patients have a great experience and a positive view of the practice from front to back.

Here are some of the most popular subjects that Laura speaks on:

  • Making The Team: Hiring, Culture, Professionalism, Productivity
  • Getting Along: Talking It Out, Keeping Teams Strong
  • Hiring For Keeps: Finding People That Fit
  • Clocked-In: Make Every Minute Matter
  • Face-To-Face: Delivering an Immersive Customer-Centric Experience
  • Take Control: Maximize The Schedule, Optimize Productivity

Have attended many lectures by Front Office Rocks and speaker Laura Nelson is amazing. She is a very informative, knowledgeable and engaging speaker, who knows the ins and outs of being an office manager and the struggles we all face on a daily basis. I have watched her videos and webinars which has help train our staff, doctor and myself on office policies, customer service and patient communication that is lacking in many dental offices and which can be easily implemented.

Rose Guimarães Doche

Verified Facebook review

Laura is the best! I’ve known her as a Front Office Rocks user, and as a fellow speaker for Practice on Fire. Her presentation was a huge hit with our attendees. They loved her material of course, but more importantly her passion and energy. My team loves using her videos for training, and we are all excited to see what FORx comes up with in the future!

Michael Ling

Verified Facebook review

Amazing training! Would highly recommend her online material or her in-person training. All is a must!

Cory Pinegar

Verified Facebook review

Part of my team attended the Los Angeles session today and I find myself inspired and motivated to implement new ideas and systems into our practice. Laura is funny down to earth and gifted in her area of expertise. Every topic was applicable to our goal of wanting to grow our practice and provide an exceptional dental experience for our patients. The presentation was engaging and I found myself wishing for more time with her. I really can’t recommend it enough.

Emily Dodds

Verified Facebook review

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Learn more about Laura’s approach and how to book her for your next event. Submit this form and we will contact you within 24 hrs.

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    Upcoming events

  • Las Vegas, NV

  • Westland, MI

    Advanced Periodontics (Michigan)
  • San Ramon, CA

    California Dental Assoc. Team Conference
  • New Orleans

    ADA SmileCon
  • Kelowna, British Columbia

    Thompson Okanagan Dental Society
  • Jacksonville, FL

    Jacksonville AADOM Chapter Event
  • Lansing, Michigan

    Michigan Dental Association Meeting
  • Orlando, FL

    Florida State Dental Meeting

Frequently asked questions

Looking for more information about live events? Browse our commonly asked questions, or complete the booking form to receive more information.

    Does Front Office Rocks or Laura offer in-office training or consulting?

    Laura does offer coaching and will come and speak to your team in person. Laura developed Front Office Rocks to be the ultimate web-based resource for all your training needs, but she also recognizes that some teams need additional support. This is where in-person coaching is helpful. If you are interested in our coaching program, please contact Christy Claywell at [email protected].

    What is the speaker’s area of expertise or topic they specialize in?

    Laura is an exceptional professional speaker specializing in the dental industry with over 20 years of experience as a dental office manager. Her expertise and knowledge make her a trusted authority in the field. With a Master’s Degree in Organizational Development, Laura covers a comprehensive range of topics vital to the dental profession, such as dental management, customer service, systems, and culture. She seamlessly combines real-world experiences with her educational background to offer practical and actionable strategies that leave audiences inspired and equipped to make positive changes in their own practices. As an author of two highly acclaimed books in the field, Laura demonstrates her commitment to sharing knowledge and insights. Event organizers can expect an exceptional experience for attendees by booking Laura as a speaker, as her unparalleled expertise, engaging speaking style, and customized lectures ensure a lasting impact that exceeds expectations.

    Laura will customize her lecture based on the needs of your specific event. Her speaker packet provides a general overview of some of her current popular lectures. Click here to download her speaker packet today and learn more.

    Can Laura customize her content to suit the specific needs of the event?

    Absolutely! Laura is a highly adaptable and versatile speaker who can customize her content to suit the specific needs of your event. Whether you require a short and impactful session or a multi-day event, Laura has the expertise to deliver a remarkable experience. She has spoken for as little as 10 minutes in speaking competitions and conducted two-day events at her own Front Office Rocks conferences, showcasing her ability to captivate audiences across varying timeframes.

    What sets Laura apart is her extensive range of topics and presentation formats. Whether you need a workshop-style session or a captivating main stage presentation, she can tailor her content to meet your event’s requirements. By working closely with your organization, Laura ensures that her presentation aligns with your objectives and expectations, creating a truly personalized and impactful experience for your audience. When you book Laura as a speaker, you can be confident that her ability to customize her content will elevate your event and leave a lasting impression on your attendees.

    What is Laura’s speaking style and delivery like?

    Laura is a dynamic and engaging speaker, captivating audiences with her interactive delivery style. She seamlessly incorporates storytelling into her presentations, creating an interesting, educational, and motivating experience for attendees. By involving the audience through interactive elements and sharing relatable anecdotes, Laura leaves a lasting impression, ensuring that her speeches are not only informative but also deeply inspiring.

    What are Laura’s credentials and experience as a professional speaker?

    Laura brings a wealth of experience and credentials to her role as a professional speaker. With over a decade of speaking engagements under her belt, she has honed her craft and developed a deep understanding of how to engage audiences of all sizes. Her passion for speaking is evident in every presentation she delivers, and it resonates with the audience, creating a genuine and captivating connection.

    Throughout her speaking career, Laura has actively sought opportunities to enhance her skills and expand her knowledge. She has been an active member of numerous speaking organizations, immersing herself in a community of like-minded individuals who are dedicated to the art of public speaking. Additionally, Laura has tested her mettle in two speaking competitions, showcasing her willingness to push boundaries and continually refine her abilities. Notably, she emerged as the winner in one competition and achieved the runner-up position in the other, demonstrating her exceptional talent and commitment to excellence.

    Laura’s extensive experience, combined with her continuous growth and unwavering passion, make her a standout choice for any speaking engagement. Her genuine love for the craft shines through in every presentation, ensuring an unforgettable experience for the audience. When you book Laura as a speaker, you can rest assured that her expertise, credentials, and infectious enthusiasm will create a truly remarkable and impactful event.

    Do you have testimonials or feedback from individuals who have witnessed Laura’s speaking engagements?

    Certainly! We understand the importance of hearing from those who have experienced Laura’s speaking engagements firsthand. We have gathered a selection of recent surveys and testimonials from audience members, allowing you to gain valuable insights into their experiences and impressions. Don’t just take our word for it; these testimonials offer genuine feedback that speaks to the impact and value of Laura’s presentations.

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    Can I book Laura to speak at my practice?

    Laura does accept private bookings on a very limited basis and based on availability. Scheduling is prioritized to Front Office Rocks Coaching Clients and available on a first come, first serve basis. To learn more reach out to us at [email protected] today.

    What is the length of Laura’s presentations?

    Laura’s lectures can range anywhere from 1 hour to multiple days. Contact us today to discuss your unique needs and secure Laura for your next event.

    Who are Laura’s lectures applicable to?

    Laura’s curriculum can be customized to suit any combination of Doctor, Team Leaders and Team Members. Our team will work with you prior to your event to ensure the content fits your specific needs and requirements.