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Thursday’s Troubleshooter

QUESTION: I work the front office in a busy dental practice. Let’s say there is a hygienist waiting to ask me a question about a patient, while at the same time the phone is ringing and I already have somebody on hold. How would I handle this situation?...

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The New Patient Effect

One thing I notice while speaking with so many dental professionals is an obsessive focus on getting “more new patients.”

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The Best Way to Handle Office Manager Drama

I have said many times that the most important member of the dental office team isn’t the dentist or any staff member—it’s the patient. I still stand by that statement, because the patient always comes first.

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Winning in Dentistry

You’ve overcome a lot of hurdles to get where you are today. First, you made the decision to apply to dental school and had to wait to hear whether you were accepted.

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FFS Customer Service Podcast with Laura Hatch

Listen in on Laura’s recent interview with Drew Burns on The FFS Dentist Podcast to learn more about providing exceptional customer service and the ultimate patient experience at your fee for service dental practice.

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Webinar Replay: The Golden Ticket is in Reactivation

Join Laura Hatch and Cory from Callforce for the replay of our recent joint webinar, The Golden Ticket is in Reactivation. Just because the patient has not been in for an appointment in the past 18 months does not mean they have left your practice, reactivation is a great way to generate “new patients”.

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