Ditch the Dental Phone Scripts and Teach The Front Desk To Have H.E.A.R.T

The phone is definitely not the most high-tech device in your office, but it’s the most important and it can make or break a dental office. Without it, we wouldn’t have the opportunity to use all those other pieces of equipment.

The phone is the technology that keeps us connected to our current patients, and it’s what allows potential new patients to reach us.

That phone is our connection to the outside world. Is there any way you would allow a brand new assistant to use CEREC without training? Would you let your hygienist take digital x-rays without training on how your system works? Would Invisalign allow you to start doing cases with their technology without the required training?

Absolutely not! And that is how we need to treat the telephone.

Just because the new, untrained employee knows how to physically use the phone doesn’t mean that the employee will be able to interact effectively with the person on the other end.

Laura Nelson

Laura Nelson, BS, MS, FAADOM is the founder and driving force behind Front Office Rocks, and the leading provider of on-demand virtual training and resources for dental practices.