[Infographic] Excellent Customer Service Guide

From that very first phone call and all the way through your patient checkout process, providing excellent customer service must be of top priority for your dental team. If you want to turn your patients into advocates who post great reviews and offer referrals, then your team needs to learn the “Why” behind their actions, why they shouldn’t answer the phone in haste and why they shouldn’t start calls with insurance first.

Our Excellent Customer Service Guide Infographic is designed to remind your team how to handle new patients, and how to do it in a way that builds rapport and provides additional value to your practice.

[Infographic] Excellent Customer Service Guide

Excellent Customer Service Guide Infographic Image

Explore quick tips for:

  1. creating new appointments
  2. welcoming patients upon their arrival
  3. appointment flow in your dental practice
  4. to presenting patients with their recare package.

Patients want doctors who care.

While patients expect a high standard of care from any practitioner they see, what keeps them coming back is a feeling that they aren’t just a number, but an individual. We want our patients to judge us solely on our dental services, but the truth is they form their opinion based on the overall customer service experience from the first phone call through the treatment. Visit this short dental training video from Laura to learn more about Creating The Ultimate New Patient Experience at your dental practice!

This infographic has been created to provide your dental team with a quick reference guide of ways to help provide a new level of patient experience and customer service to your patients!

Patients start to formulate an opinion about your practice before they ever pick up the phone to schedule with you. What patients see and hear about your office (from other people, from your advertising, from your website) all plays into their initial judgment of your practice based on first impressions. This opinion forms the subliminal foundation of their level of trust in you, which begins the case acceptance process—before you have ever met them.

Check out this recent article, First Impressions Affect Case Acceptance, to find our more about how these first impressions can affect case acceptance and listen in on a series of podcasts Laura recorded with AADOM Radio!

If you want your dental patients to accept their treatment plan, then earning their trust the key.

Our Excellent Customer Service Guide Infograhic points out ways to help earn that trust and step up the level of Customer Service in your dental practice from the very first phone call to providing your patients with their recare package.

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