Episode 8

Managing overdue recare and outstanding treatment calls | Explaining a balance to a patient

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The Dear Laura Show episode 08 discussed how to build a productive schedule in dental offices. The first step is to understand what a productive schedule is and what it looks like. Productive means hitting goals and achieving the numbers set out for the practice. The second step is to know the practice’s goal, which needs to be understandable, achievable, and motivating. Then, the team members need to break the monthly goal down into daily and hourly tasks. The next step is to train the team on how to build a schedule that supports the goal, with the scheduler knowing how to build a productive schedule. The appointment fits into a primary, secondary, or tertiary category, and the scheduler should know how many primary appointments are needed every day to hit the goal. Finally, the team plays a vital part in setting and following through on the productive schedule.

[00:01] Introduction and purpose of the podcast.

[00:51] Question 1: Basics on how to build a productive schedule

[02:00] Importance of setting a goal and breaking it down to daily and hourly tasks.

[03:18] Training the team on how to build a schedule to hit the goal.

[05:20] Scheduler: Understand puzzle framework and start piecing it?

[07:00] Team understanding for productive scheduling?

[08:45] Question 2: How to motivate uninterested team members to learn?

[10:28] Communicate the importance of learning and how it impacts the practice.

[11:38] What are various learning opportunities for team members?

[12:42] How to tackle resistance to learning?

[14:15] Conclusion.

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