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How to avoid outstanding insurance claims | Morning Huddle | Dental emergencies

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Welcome to another episode of the Dear Laura Show podcast, hosted by Laura, the founder of Front Office Rocks. In this episode, Laura delves into two important topics that dental office professionals commonly face: morning huddles and dental emergencies. She shares insights and practical strategies to make morning huddles more effective and proactive, and provides guidance on how to handle dental emergencies to maintain control of the schedule. Join us as we explore these essential aspects of running a successful dental practice.

Topic 1: Morning Huddles
– Purpose of the morning huddle is to get the team on the same page and proactively handle the day’s schedule.
– Morning huddles should not be just a reading of the schedule, but a collaborative discussion among team members.
– Important rules for an effective morning huddle: starting on time, involving the entire team, and running efficiently.
– Each team member should come prepared with their part of the agenda, including outstanding treatment, unpaid balances, referrals, and lab cases.
– The team should review the schedule, set daily goals, identify openings or patients with outstanding treatment, and plan for tomorrow’s schedule.
– Ending the huddle on a positive note to motivate the team for the day ahead.

Topic 2: Dental Emergencies
– Dental emergencies can disrupt schedules if not managed properly.
– The team should be trained to identify true dental emergencies and understand how to handle them.
– Determine as a team what constitutes a dental emergency and communicate this to patients.
– Use the morning huddle to discuss where emergencies can fit in the schedule, based on the availability and input of dental assistants.
– Encourage patients to come in at designated emergency times to maintain control of the schedule.
– Being proactive and collaborative in managing dental emergencies helps avoid reactive and stressful situations.

– Morning huddles are crucial for setting the tone and ensuring a successful day.
– Dental emergencies can be managed effectively by establishing clear guidelines and involving the entire team.
– Front Office Rocks offers training and resources to help improve morning huddles and handle dental emergencies.
– Listeners are encouraged to reach out with questions and feedback for future episodes.

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