Episode 10

Handling gossip in the office | Second opinions and shoppers

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On this episode of the Dear Laura Show

In this episode of the “Dear Laura” show, Laura from Front Office Rocks tackles two important issues: handling gossip in the office and addressing price inquiries for dental procedures. Laura emphasizes the need to confront and address gossip in the workplace rather than ignoring it. She advises involving the entire team in discussions, establishing policies to handle gossip, and providing support and guidance to team members on how to handle it effectively.

When it comes to price inquiries, Laura explains that patients often focus solely on cost and insurance coverage when contacting dental practices. Instead of immediately providing prices over the phone, Laura suggests taking control of the conversation by gathering more information about the patient’s specific needs and offering to schedule an appointment. She highlights the importance of convincing patients to choose a dental practice based on factors beyond price alone, such as the quality of dentistry and overall patient experience.

Overall, Laura’s advice revolves around actively addressing and managing gossip in the office while prioritizing effective communication with patients regarding price inquiries. By implementing these strategies, dental offices can foster a positive work environment and attract patients based on the quality of their services rather than just the cost.

[00:05] Introduction

[01:35] Addressing the issue of gossip in the office.

[02:43] The importance of confronting and addressing gossip instead of ignoring it.

[05:02] Reasons to address gossip: creating a positive work environment and improving patient experience.

[09:30] Handling price inquiries and second opinions.

[11:06] Taking control of the conversation by asking questions and scheduling an appointment.

[13:32] Dealing with patients who insist on knowing the price over the phone.

[14:10] The importance of training the team to handle price inquiries effectively.

[15:34] Conclusion

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