Managing overdue recare and outstanding treatment calls
Explaining a balance to a patient

Episode 7

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Date: 05/04/2023
Name of the Podcast: Dear Laura Show
Episode Title and Number: Dear Laura Show, Episode 7

In Episode 7th of the Dear Laura show, Laura shares her insights on managing overdue repairs and outstanding treatment plan calls. She highlights the importance of making these calls happen regularly as patients are often too busy to schedule appointments and don’t like spending money at the dentist. Regular calls show patients that their dental health is a priority and helps to keep them reminded of the need to schedule appointments. Laura also advises using technology to help with metrics software, emails, and text messages to keep track of patients and schedule appointments. Finally, she suggests looking at systems in place to prevent patients from falling out of the schedule, as prevention is better than cure.

Outline of the Episode:
[00:01] Introduction
[00:41] How to manage overdue repairs and outstanding treatment plan calls?
[03:34] Patient perspective on dental care spending and appointment importance.
[05:00] Regularity of the calls and the need to prioritize them.
[05:51] Importance of follow-up calls and technology in task management.
[07:23] What’s the goal of the calls, and how does the team schedule patient appointments?
[08:19] Examining systems to prevent overdue repairs and outstanding treatment plan calls.

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