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Date: 02/02/23

Name of the Podcast: Dear Laura Show
Episode Title: Dear Laura Show, Episode 1

Laura Nelson, the founder of Front Office Rocks, starts a podcast/video series to answer dental office management questions from her audience. The series is called “Dear Laura Show.” The first episode tackles a question from a Front Office Rocks subscriber who feels like their practice has lost its purpose due to changes that have happened over the past six months. Laura explains the concept of “why” as discussed by Simon Sinek and how it applies to dental practices. The why refers to the reason behind why someone became a dentist or started a practice, their drive and motivation. Laura emphasizes that every practice should have a why and every team member should have a why as well.

Laura Nelson is discussing the importance of customer service in a dental practice and how it is a key way for patients to judge the practice. They state that many patients don’t like going to the dentist and therefore customer service is even more important to make their experience positive. The speaker argues that there are three types of customer service: amazing, average and awful, and that average is not good enough in today’s market where patients are expected to pay more for dental services. The speaker also mentions the challenges of balancing customer service with the daily tasks of running a dental practice but emphasizes that good customer service should not be compromised.

The speaker suggests defining what customer service means for each practice and incorporating it into daily activities.

Outline of the Episode:
[00:01] Welcome to the first episode of Laura’s podcast.
[01:36] We’ve lost our “WHY”.
[02:53] The “WHY” is different than your mission and vision statement.
[05:02] The first step is to have a team meeting.
[06:37] Our team is fighting the fight every day and we all have invisible arrows in our back.
[08:44] Start every conversation with “Why?”.
[10:56] Our patients don’t like to come to the dentist.
[13:49] What does “customer service” mean for your practice?
[16:14] What is busy work? Is there a way to streamline it? Can you outsource some of it?
[18:14] What’s happening in the practice that keeps people busy and how we can get more efficient with it.

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