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Episode 4

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Date: 16/03/2023

Name of the Podcast: Dear Laura Show
Episode Title and Number: Dear Laura Show, Episode 4

 The 4th episode of the Dear Laura Show is about establishing a good tone in a dental practice with new team members. Laura Nelson, the host, emphasizes the importance of establishing a culture with a shared purpose and goal. She suggests that the first step in setting a good tone is to establish the “why” behind the practice, which includes understanding the purpose, goal, and direction of the practice. Once this is established, everyone on the team should be working towards the same goal. Nelson also notes that it is essential to ensure that the team’s individual goals align with the practice’s ultimate goal. When everyone is working towards the same goal, a good tone can be established, and guidelines and game plans can be created to achieve daily, weekly, and monthly goals. The key is to create an environment that everyone likes and enjoys working in. Nelson suggests taking a step back to look at the culture, purpose, and goal of the practice to create the right tone.


Outline of the Episode:

[00:01] Introduction

[00:38] How to establish a good tone in the practice with new team members?

[01:14] Importance of understanding the “WHY” behind the practice.

[02:00] Ensuring everyone on the team understands the purpose and goals of the practice.

[03:15] Importance of having a culture that supports the goals of the practice.

[04:03] How to establish a good tone by creating a positive work environment.

[05:45] The importance of trust and reliability within the team

[07:00] Setting up guidelines and rules for the team to follow.

[08:10] Focusing on the bigger picture rather than individual goals.

[09:18] Ensuring everyone on the team enjoys coming to work.

[10:20] Addressing negative

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