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How to Grow Your Practice in 2018

To ensure that 2018 is the best year ever, we spoke with some of the top minds in the dental industry about practice growth. In the following pages, you’ll find their guaranteed methods on how to increase your practice’s revenue, all while keeping yourself, your team, and your patients happy and healthy.

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3 Ways to Become a Proactive Practice

By Laura Hatch and, contributing writer January 11, 2018 -- In the debut of a new column, Laura Hatch, founder and owner of Front Office Rocks, analyzes problems common in dental practices and offers practical steps you can implement to either fix these...

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Why Your Office Should Consider a Membership Club

The most frustrating phone call dental offices receive regularly is the patient who calls to tell the office they no longer have dental insurance and they need to cancel their cleaning appointment. It is trying because it results in an opening in our schedule but is...

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Can a Specialty Dentist Stand Out?

There is a special relationship between general and specialty dentistry. In many cases, specialists depend heavily on the referrals they receive from general dentists and it makes sense that they spend a significant amount of time and thought trying to figure out how...

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Will Social Media Get Your Office New Patients? No!

This may get me in trouble with the marketing gurus I know and respect. For that, I am sorry (sort of). I think any dental office that focuses their attention on social media to get new patients will be sorely disappointed. Before the marketing masterminds get too...

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5 Ways to Make Hiring (Almost) Painless

Firing and hiring is probably the least favorite part of the job for most dentists and office managers. In fact, some dentists dread this process so much they hold onto employees too long to avoid firing someone. Not only is it unpleasant to have to fire an employee,...

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