Dental Team Training

In order to offer the best customer service to your patients, it starts with building a team that rocks! Our dental team training course is designed to help establish strong communication among your team and squash drama and bullying. A team that works together effectively and efficiently is better able to focus on patients and offer the best experience in your office. Exceeding patient expectations requires Rockstar Customer Service. Patients should be made to feel special from the their first call to your office through the checkout process (and next appointment!) and this can’t happen if the team is not working together.

Dental Team Training Course Outline

The patient is the most important person in your practice and the reason your practice exists. In this course, we will cover how to build a team that rocks, how to handle angry and scared patients, the importance of patient hand offs and how team training plays a role in building a productive practice. View the Dental Team Training Course Outline here.

Dental Team Training Documents

Videos are great for learning, but we understand it can be a lot to take in at one time. We’ve developed tip sheets as a reference for each video module to help you implement consistent dental team training. From checklists to worksheets, we’ve got you covered with these team training templates.

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